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Lip augmentation is a cosmetic treatment developed to enhance thin or thinning lips with the use of injectable fillers.

Do you feel embarrassed and distressed about your appearance because of a double chin? Are you frustrated because you have tried diet and exercise and nothing works to rid you of your double chin? If you have wished for a way to remove your double chin without surgery, Kybella may be the answer.

A double chin is the result of the accumulation of fat below the jawline. Men and women are equally affected. The chin, jawline and neck are areas of concern for many patients because these areas are typically difficult to tone. Whatever the cause, this excess fat is typically resistant to diet and exercise. This is why even very thin people can benefit from this exciting new treatment!

Previously, the most effective way to improve neck contour and reduce pockets of fat required a surgical approach that was costly, painful, had significant downtime and left a scar. Today we have better options, including injections of Kybella in the under chin fat.

Today the best dermatologists mix and blend various noninvasive treatments to address multiple concerns. Combining technologies can produce dramatic results. The board-certified dermatologists at Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, CA offer you this comprehensive approach, based on years of experience. Thus, you may find your treatment plan to reduce a double chin includes a combination of Kybella and a skin tightening procedure such micro-needling with PRP or fractional laser.



Kybella is a game changer. For the first time there is a nonsurgical, natural method to rid yourself of submental fullness, commonly called a double chin. Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injectable that reduces fat under the chin. No knives involved! When expertly injected by Dr. Neda Mehr at Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, in Newport Beach, CA. Kybella can provide dramatic results.

Kybella is formulated with synthetic deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body to help us metabolize fat. Kybella works to destroy stubborn fat which the body metabolizes over a few weeks, to reveal a new neck profile. And the results are permanent.

Kythera, the company that developed Kybella, has been fastidious about training doctors to use it properly; and releasing it to only a choice few. Dr. Neda Mehr, our award-winning Board-Certified Dermatologist & Medical Director at Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, was one of those choice few who was invited to Kybella training before it was released to the professional community. This is important because to achieve the best results, the doctor must be properly trained and experienced. Using Kybella, Dr. Mehr will artistically sculpt a new profile for you to give you the natural neck contour you were meant to have.


Am I a good candidate?

If you are uncomfortable with the contour of your double chin, Kybella could be the solution. However, if you have a significant amount of loose, sagging skin under your chin, it may not accomplish your goals without combining it with a skin tightening procedure. With the cutting-edge technology and professional expertise of Dr. Mehr at Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, you can be confident that you will achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

When you want to enhance your profile contact Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, CA. You won’t be disappointed at all they have to offer.


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